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đź“Ł Attention all parents of 2-6 Month Olds!

Raise your hand if you can relate:

  • "Sleeping through the night" feels like a fairy tale you once heard.
  • The daytime naps that last only 20 minutes, just long enough for you to start something but not finish it.
  • Baby only seems to want to sleep anywhere BUT the crib.
  • Endlessly researching sleep training methods, trying to find the one magic solution.
  • Walking, rocking, swaying, bouncing – trying every motion known to humanity to get baby to sleep.
  • Sleep regression hitting you like a truck and turning nights into a guessing game.
  • Deciphering cries becomes a daily quiz: Hunger? Gas? Sleep? Just-because?
  • Battling that nagging feeling of "Am I doing this right?" every single day.
  • The covert mission of pumping at work, navigating scheduling, storing, managing milk supply.

Searching for parenting solutions everywhere?

Stop spending hours reading books or searching on Google!

We've curated everything you need in one accessible program.

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The Happy Sleeper Course

(2-6 Month Olds)

Will help YOU:

  • Ensure your baby sleeps 11.5 to 12 hours a night independently.
  • Manage daytime naps effectively.
  • Understand and navigate the 4-month sleep regression.
  • Determine when and how to implement playtime, especially tummy time.
  • Establish a consistent schedule to make your child's day predictable and familiar, enhancing their confidence and security.
  • Develop a loving and effective sleep ritual for both naps and nighttime.
  • Stay emotionally connected to your baby throughout the sleep training process.


Your BABY will learn to:

  • Eat efficiently.
  • Sleep soundly.
  • Play independently.
  • Stimulate their own brain.
  • Strengthen their torso.
  • Hold their own bottle.


What You'll Learn:

Everything you need to know about thriving with your baby.

We developed the program taking into consideration your busy schedule.

The modules take only a few minutes to read, and each one includes practical, do-this-not-that takeaways.

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More than 3,000 families have already benefited from "The Happy Sleeper", and the community continues to grow.

This is the one course you'll regret not starting sooner.

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Hi! We’re Dani & Ari,

We're not your average crew– we're a Pediatric Nurse, Sleep & Lactation Consultants, and yup, proud moms of two!

Parenthood can be a whirlwind of emotions, questions, and uncertainties. That's where we come in. Drawing from our professional know-how and personal experiences with the beautiful chaos of raising children, we've created a space dedicated to simplifying, guiding and supporting you through this incredible adventure. 

We're not just about spewing info – we're about sharing real stories, giving you tips that actually work, and boosting your confidence like a double shot of espresso on a Monday morning.


Education & Training

Nursing Degree, New York University

Master of Public Health,  Childhood Development, University of Miami 

Senior Research Advisor, Texas Children’s Hospital

Certified Lactation Consultants, ALPP

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants

Certified Potty Training Consultant, Oh Crap Potty Training

You can read more about our journey here.