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Who says babies don’t come with a guide?

Our courses are your go-to resource for becoming a confident parent and raising independent, thriving children. Dive into essential topics like breastfeedingsleep, schedule, and nutrition, and gain a deep understanding of behavior, development, and communication.

But we don't stop there! Our support is ongoing, ensuring you have all the guidance and assistance you need on your parenting journey.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to parenting with confidence!

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Don't let motherhood overwhelm you...

Motherhood is a rewarding challenge, and while no one fully prepares you for it, there are endless possibilities to make it enjoyable.

Explore how you can transform this rewarding challenge into a truly fulfilling journey.

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What we offer:

Private Consultations

Need personalized guidance?
Our one-on-one consultations cover all your parenting needs. Whether it's breastfeeding, sleep issues, nutrition, introducing solids, or even potty training, we are here to support you.

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Online Courses

Elevate your parenting with our courses! From breastfeeding to sleep training to introducing solids, we provide expert guidance every step of the way. 
And it's not just a course—it's a journey we take together, offering 24/7 support to ensure your success.
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Start your parenting journey with our free resources!

Download our checklists and guides for essential tips and tricks on breastfeeding, sleep training, nutrition, introducing solids, and more.


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We’re Ari and Dani. When we first met, we were so confused about what to do with our babies: how to get them to sleep, how often to feed them, how to organize our own schedules... We knew we were missing something!

We were looking for answers, understanding, and reassurance that we were on the best path for our children and ourselves. There was so much information out there: we didn’t know what was reliable and what really worked. That’s why we created Todspot! You can read more about our journey here

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